Figuring it out on a rain delay.

Figuring It Out

Well the rain put a damper on our days work at the homestead, so Roland and I spent most of the day researching different methods to do various projects we have going on.  We find ourselves always having to be “figuring it out” and thus many hours are spent on YouTube and the internet.
As we were reading about the different foundations types for our chicken coop, we were listening to The Glenn Beck program. They were talking about how awful our education system is and I have to agree. But I don’t understand why no-one is serious about fixing it. Many people seem to think doing more of the same thing is going to yield different results….I’m not sure how.
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” unattributed
I suspect they are counting on magic. We live in an unprecedented time of free education in a plethora of topics  via the internet.  We also have the ability to communicate around the world with experts in many different fields.

The Myth of Education, Is There A Fix?

Why are we still insisting that the best way to instill knowledge into our youth is get them up before the sun, pile them on a bus, drive them to a central location and  teach to the lowest IQ in the room. If that’s not enough, we then force hours of standardized tests to prove that there is some measurable difference between male , female,  black , whites, etc. Why can’t we agree what we have going is not working.
I would have to think that a stay at home situation could be better for some students…not all but lets say 30% learn better online and at their own pace. If nothing else the class sizes could be reduced. Also why not encourage more parents to home school.  Every student has a price tag for those school districts. The school gets a monetary amount per head, so why not offer that amount to the parents if they home schooled? The students must test out at a certain level at the end of year to move ahead in any of these situations. The metrics remain in place and some of the burden in the school system is reduced.

Alternative Solutions

Most of all I think we need  to understand that what we have going isn’t working and some updated thinking is in order. We have learned so much from the internet; YouTube, blogs and Teaching Company’s Great Courses just to name a few sources. So many people learn so much this way. It’s not unheard of to do things a tad bit different and get a more favorable results.
My take away from the radio program is this. Individuals need to start thinking for themselves. They need to try to find the”why” in situations and to stop depending on a system that does not have their best interests at heart. Individuals need to start being more self-sufficient and show their friends and family that it can be done. It will be uncomfortable but the most gratifying experience a person can have. Figuring it out is hard but discomfort is where growth happens.
Here’s to a better work day tomorrow!
As always we will keep you posted.

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