Cleaning Up

Task Lists & The Mundane

I have never been very good at mundane tasks. The repetition of tasks can be mind numbing at best. I try to make the best of it, podcasts help fill the time. The day as a goat servant would be much more enjoyable if it weren’t for the day being the same…everyday. I get about an hour into the day and I am sure that time has stopped. It is so abstract and exasperating to be controlled by time. How is it that a day cleaning up after goats can drag and the one day off a week almost doesn’t exist it passes so fast.

I know it is subjective, time that is. Contextual in nature but maddening at the same time. These are the things that I think about on the regular. I hate wasting time, passing time, or spending time doing things that aren’t a long term benefit. I wonder how I spent so much time mastering a skill like cooking and then having the great cosmic joke of that thing making me miserable in the long run. To clarify I still love the process of cooking, but the job wasn’t about cooking anymore. It was managing, who the hell thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of people?

Time Sinks & Tent Life

Back to the point which is today on the farm drug by. We have so much to do at the homestead, cleaning, infrastructure, building etc! I know we need income and it is impossible to deny this fact. It is just frustrating when you live in indentured servitude for a minor wage. I’m not an expert on feudal England but I think the serfs had a better go of it then we do in a “Free America”. I just want to finish our cabin so we can move out of our canvas bell tent. A year in a tent is long enough!

Did I forget to mention the bell tent? Oh yea, when we moved down here we had a plan to live in an r.v. while we built. We were apparently too optimistic about our situation and we needed to be put in our place. While on our way to Tennessee the first time, Lady Bartholomew (The r.v. required a name that fit its looks) decided to drop her transmission about 30 miles from Allie’s family home where we started from. So we needed to come up with a contingency…a CanvasCamp bell tent. (

Real Walls

It’s been comfortable, challenging and fun but tent time needs to be done! I miss the creature comforts that real walls provide. It turns out there is a tremendous amount of biodiversity in Tennessee. From bugs to bobcats, there nothing like waking up to some peculiar scratching noises outside your tent. Also…whippoorwills, at first it’s a pretty birdsong that occurs most evening in the summer. It changes from “Pretty bird song” to “that fucking bird” quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature but this was just too much.

We are heading back out to our land to do some clean up and start laying out our slip form stone chicken coop. At some point in the near future we hope to have some blog posts regarding its construction. The whole process comes down to time which is ironic in the sense that we left our ‘specialized’ jobs that provided us all the resources we needed to pay someone to do the things we are now doing. We did this all to follow a life that gave us more time. If I could travel back in time….I wouldn’t change a thing.


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