The Chicken Incident

Chickens Inside, Time To Draw The Line

Life on the homestead was like it normally is. We were up at 6:30 am and off to do chores, ok I did the chores and Roland went to shovel goat poop. Either way the first half of our day is always kinda the same.

The weather here is amazing it’s mid January and high 60’s I love it.  I have been able to keep the door open all day and let the fresh air in, which is great. Roland however is unimpressed by the amount of flies in the tent at the current moment and that there were a couple chickens that had wandered in when he got home. I wanted to remind him that if he would finish the cabin all this could be avoided, but he seemed like he may have had a hard morning with the goats….they can be difficult lol. I brushed off his dismay and found some projects to get his mind off the chicken situation.

The Land We Love

We spent the next few hours cleaning up our  yard and trying to organize a few things. I am planning on building a flower bed from old bottles,  and today we layed it out and made sure we had everything we will need. Then we had to go to our neighbors to get our mail. They drive me bat shit crazy and I can not stand going over to their place,  but hey I refuse to get an address, and they offered to let us have stuff sent there, I consider it my “dues” to go interact with them.
Roland doesn’t seem to notice how crazy they really are until I point it out, I guess it’s a good thing I’m around to take mental notes. I seriously think they may take him in the woods and hang him so they can have meat in the freezer (it’s always better to travel in pairs)  I’m Kidding about this…..sort of. You just never know about some folks.
All in all not a bad day with us, we did manage to get a lot done, which I am grateful for. There is nothing more satisfying then moving forward.
Until tomorrow.

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